About company

About company

What distinguishes «Alfa Translate» service organized by “Astana-Personal” LLP from other companies offering translation services?

Company «Astana-Personal» LLP works in the market of translation services for over 15 years!

  • We offer our customers services of translation into a variety of languages ​​(including rare ones), provide comprehensive language support of activities carried out by our customers.
  • We make translation of texts of any complexity and any subjects – we always guarantee high-quality translation and individual attention to the clients!
  • Large-scale enterprises which hold the advanced positions in various fields are listed among our permanent customers

We support their business for many years!

Specialists of «Astana-Personal» company are certified translators, who are used to respond promptly to any customer needs.

We work in projects where You really need high-quality translation. Our customers always get the best results exactly on time!

Compared with other companies, prices of our services are quite acceptable for both physical persons and legal companies.

The exceptional quality of services rendered has always been and remains a top priority of our company. Over 15 years in the translation market, our customers, both private and corporate, were able to appreciate the benefits of cooperation with the company “Astana-personal”.

If You need high-quality translation as soon as possible - please contact our company!

Send Your request to: perevod@astana-personal.kz and get free advice and detailed calculation of the cost of Your order!

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