Order and Payment

Page of translation order

How can You make an order?

* If You are contacting us for the first time and You need to translate documents in compliance with the terminology relevant to the specific activities of Your company, You can order test translation (max 1 page text) absolutely free and evaluate the quality and efficiency of its implementation at: perevod@astana-personal.kz

To estimate the cost of the text, please send it by e-mail:  perevod@astana-personal.kz

Conditions, cost and terms are agreed on by phone or on meeting.

Payment conditions

Written translation

1. 1 (one) calculated page forms 1800 characters with spaces. Translation of one page with lesser number of characters is generally rounded up to one page.

2. Translation cost depends on translation language, pages number and theme of the text.

3. The order cost may rise in case of a high text complexity (a large number of scientific terminology, etc.) and higher urgency of the order.

Consecutive interpretation

The cost depends on number of hours or days, language and themes of the event.

Cost of consecutive interpretation

Time less than 1 hour is rounded up to the cost of 1 hour.

!  For convenience of our clients we offer two kinds of payment for our services: including VAT (LLP) and excluding VAT (individual entrepreneur), non-cash settlement and cash settlement.

Crucial points!

We accept orders by e-mail or by express messenger.

It is necessary to order services of an interpreter beforehand (at least 2-3 days before) so that we can guarantee You the choice of the most appropriate specialist.

It is necessary to order services of a synchronist at least 2-4 weeks before.

We offer to use opportunity of free translations in small volumes for the following categories of organizations:

  • social and charity funds for support and protection of disabled children
  • social and charity funds for support and protection of orphaned children
  • social and charity funds for support and protection of single mothers
  • social and charity funds for support and protection of oncological patients
  • social and charity funds for rendering of assistance to orphanages, children's homes, etc.

Conclude an agreement with us to take advantage of all the benefits!

For the customers in need of permanent service, it is proposed to conclude an agreement with the company organizing the «Alfa Translate»service..

This enables to order translations (according to the list of our services) in any quantity and within any terms.

Whatever the text volume is and whichever its complexity is, we are obliged to perform highly professional translation in the tightest schedule for customers with whom the agreement has been concluded.

Furthermore, concluding the agreement You get the following advantages:

  • fixed cost for the text unit without any additional payment for urgency and complexity for the whole period of the contract validity;
  • monthly payment – within each month all performed services are fixed by the parties’ representatives, and the customer makes payment only once a month;
  • flexible discount system depending on scope of ordered services and continuance of collaboration with “Alfa Translate” service.

Furthermore, the customer gets a completed notarized translation, if needed, at that payment of notary’s services may be included in a general invoice.

Clients who do not conclude a n agreement pay the notary’s services previously and separately from the other order.

You do not have to waste your time on a visit to the notary.

To conclude an agreement, please send a request by e-mail: perevod@astana-personal.kz